II Coloquio TIDLE: Investigación y prácticas pedagógicas sobre las tecnologías integradas en la didáctica de las lenguas extranjeras

Lieu : Albacete, Spain

II TIDLE Colloquium: Research and pedagogical practices on integrated technologies in the teaching of foreign languages. 

Technologies are present in all areas of our lives. In education, it can be seen from two closely related perspectives: learning and teaching. Today, teachers have to develop new formats and pedagogical methods linked to technologies, methods that they can, at first, experiment with in order to be able to bring new conclusions to the educational community.

The general objective of this second colloquium, along the lines of the first colloquium held in 2017 as a research day, is based, firstly, on bringing together a large number of specialists in the field of language teaching, mainly through the use of technologies to create a space for exchange, reflection and debate, thus contributing to the training and improvement of teaching practices.

Secondly, this colloquium aims to provide information on the latest developments in language teaching and learning in digital environments and technological tools based on the participants' own research, as well as on their personal experiences in the field of education. These technologies are becoming more and more popular with teachers and are increasingly being studied by researchers because of their importance in the classrooms. The results of these communications will therefore allow us to measure their impact and the different forms that these "new" tools are taking.

Mercedes Sanz Gil and Carmen Notari Montoyo, from the Universitat Jaume I, Spain, will attend this Spanish colloquium and present the DIAL4U project. 

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