Expected Results

What results are expected during the project ?

The DIAL4U consortium members will be working closely and openly throughout the project in order to achieving the following results:

  • sharing the best practices in teaching and learning methods in foreign languages, and including on distance teaching and learning best practices learned from other Erasmus + consortia published under open licences (open educational resources),
  • designing open badges dedicated to language learning and addressing particularly the informal aspect of the activities. It will also allow the creation of links between the learning/teaching process which will allow to issue well accepted certificates / badges.
  • collaborating on a collection of open badges in an open database, that will facilitate to both learners and teachers their work of assessment of some activities (there could also be peer to peer recognition of activities for tandem / buddy partners or for teachers recognition for some elements),
  • issuing the open badges within the European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (ULille is representative of France in testing this solution for 268 students having passed the CLES in 2020. Pursuant this successful experimentation, the executive direction of ULille has decided in September 2020 to generalise this first experimentation to any certificates of achievement of diploma for the 73 000 students of the university, within the two next years),
  • disseminating within the NULTE network - Network of University languages Testers ; process through national and European associations of language centers gathered with institutional dissemination through the network of Vice-presidents in innovation, pedagogy and curriculum development.

In addition to the intellectual outputs, the DIAL4U Partnership will also create intangible results.

  • The project will have a positive effect on attitudes and a significant change in the professional postures of the actors themselves.
    All participants will see their digital literacy skills strenghtened : teachers, trainers, supervisory teams and all those involved will have their knowledge in language teaching and training by digital means enriched. Language teachers and trainers will be empowered.
  • Directly involved learners and those who not participate in this project, but who will benefit from modernised teaching and training methods afterwards, will see their language skills improved.
  • At the institutional level, the DIAL4U Partnership may be an opportunity for the European University network InclusU to confirm its existence and dynamism. DIAL4U will illustrate InclusU's "project factory" as one of its main activities. 
  • The synergy of the partnership will lead to the official recognition of language competences at European level and this project is an essential step towards that goal.
  • DIAL4U will also contribute to one of the objectives for 2025 of the European Skills Agenda by enabling adult learners, being 25 years to 64 years old, to participate in learning/training activities. The goal set is to increase the target population from 38% to 50%.

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.
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