Literature Review for Digital Pedagogy

Empowering ESP learners to enhance speaking skills - Social learning and the Flipgrid multimodal discourse
Self-evaluation: how to ease speaking anxiety in exams and improve performance
A Collaborative Notebook for the English Morphology Seminar: Content Analysis and Students as Active Participants
The use of the communicative approach and new technologies during a vocabulary and grammar practical course. Students' perception and input
Technology-Supported Collaborative Learning in Language Teaching
Gamified Assessment of Business English: Learning and Testing Business Idioms and Collocations via Digital Escape Rooms
Autonomous Digital Language Learning in Higher Education. The DIAL4U Erasmus+Project
Students’ Attitudes towards the Use of Digital Apps in Two Online Courses: an English Course and a Norwegian Course
Analysis of first year students’ evaluation data regarding the shift to eLearning. A case in point : the english morphology seminars
CmapTools and its use in Education
Hide and Seek in Gamified Learning: Formative Assessment of ESP in Digital Escape Rooms
Le rôle du jeu numérique (gaming) pour l'apprentissage des langues maternelles et étrangères – Objectifs, disciplines, méthodes et technologies
Have places dedicated to learning and teaching become educational hubs?

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