Universitat Jaume I

Universitat Jaume I (UJI) is the Spanish public university in the north of the Valencian Community. Established in 1991, the UJI has positioned itself as a friendly university characterised by its personal attention, smooth-running management procedures and the high levels of participation of its members in university life, due, among other things, to its convenient size, with about 14,000 students, and its integrated, modern, functional and sustainable campus. Universitat Jaume I has about 1500 professors and researchers, and about 600 administrative staff. Its research output is considerable and proved by its numerous research, development and innovation contracts.

Relating to the use of ICT in teaching and learning activities and the Virtual Exchange activities developed there are:

  • 8 international double degrees (Business Administration, Economics, Finance and Accounting, Chemical Engineering, Building Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Technology Engineering, Mechanical Engineering)
  • 1 international double University master’s degree: Industrial Engineering
  • 15 blended learning or distance University master’s degrees: Intercultural Communication and Language Teaching, Medical and Healthcare Translation, Translation and Interpreting Research, English Language Teaching and Acquisition in Multilingual Contexts (Distance), Applied Research in Feminist, Gender and Citizenship Studies, Ethics and Democracy,

Founded when the information society was fully immersed in the process of consolidation, the development of the Universitat Jaume I has been marked by advances in information and communication technologies (ICT). For this reason, the application of ICT in learning and research processes and in university management has always featured at the Universitat Jaume I, to the point that it was a pioneer in this field with initiatives such as the creation of the first Spanish web server or the first Centre for Education and New Technologies in Spain.

UJI is a member of ACLES-CERCLES CIEACOVA (Interuniversity Commission for the Standardization of Knowledge Accreditations of Valencian).


About DIAL4U

UJI has eight international double degrees taught online and a large number of programmes that are either blended learning or distance learning. UJI has vibrant Language learning Centres (Virtual CAL) that offers a wide range of online resources. It is of paramount importance in providing the university community with the necessary tools and language learning services. UJI will be responsible for:

  • co-leading the Intellectual Output (IO) 3;
  • organising the Leading the Learning Teaching Training Activity (LTTA) 1 on staff training;
  • organising the first Multiplier event (ME) for the dissemination of DIAL4U.
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The scientific team

The support staff

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