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University of Wroclaw (UWr) has a rich history of more than three centuries. It is a public university and one of the most significant research and education centres in Poland with over 1900 members of academic staff and over 23 000 students, including 1500 international ones. It is placed among the top research universities in Poland. It prides itself on world-class research teams and facilities in the fields of science, natural and social sciences, and the humanities. The results of its research are published, patented and used in various studies and technical descriptions.

In recent years UWr has participated as a partner or coordinator in numerous international research and development projects within the European and international research programmes. Participating in diverse research and numerous mobilities is very much in line with our strategy of internationalising by increasing opportunities for students and staff mobility, and exposing students to global perspectives through an international curriculum and pursuing dual degree opportunities. Its policy is to develop international collaboration in research, teaching and student exchange.

 In 2019, the University became a laureate of the contest organised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Excellence Initiative – Research University (IDUB).

In the DIAL4U project, UWr is represented by the Institute of Romance Studies, which is divided into five departments and two laboratories and is a part of the Faculty of Philology. This involves a significant number of scientists representing three disciplines: linguistic, literature and communication and media sciences. The Faculty actively cooperates with science, education and cultural institutions in Poland and abroad, and supports a variety of educational, research and cultural incentives. Its 7200 students may choose from a range of study areas offering twenty 1st cycle courses and nineteen 2nd cycle courses, mostly in language studies such as English, Croatian, Serbian, Czech, German, French, Hindu, Classic, Latin, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew and Yiddish, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Greek, Arabic as well as Journalism and Social Communication. The students can graduate to become teachers, translators, librarians, editors, reporters, journalists, press spokesmen, media experts, PR specialists and information brokers. There are over 340 Faculty members and over 270 PhD students.

About DIAL4U

With 22 languages taught in the Faculty of Philology, UWr has extensive expertise that will reinforce the multicultural dimension of the project. This wide spectrum of languages offers a great variety of language learning/teaching situations relevant to experiment with the digital pedagogy and recognition process. In addition, part of the research topic of the staff involved in the project is teaching foreign languages to “native digital”. UWr will be responsible for:

  • co-leading the Intellectual Ouput (IO) 4;
  • organising the second TPM at mid-term of the project;
  • leading the Quality Board and coordinating the Quality Assurance Plan as well as coordinating the evaluation of the quality of all the intellectual outputs and other activities.


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