LMT2022: Language and Modern Technologies 2022 - Linguistic Technologies for the Multilingual Internet

Lieu : Georgia

This is the fifth installment of the traditional international conference “Language and Modern Technologies” and this time its main theme will be "Linguistic Technologies for the Multilingual Internet".
At the same time, the conference will address wider problems of language technologies and digital humanities.

The goal of the conference is to consider problems of technological and scientific concepts of the idea of a multilingual internet, the Kartvelian languages and linguistics at large with respect to up-to-date technologies, issues of digital resources, lexicographic bases, building, development and use of corpora, as well as to share international experience on building of text corpora, design of teaching materials, and new tasks in the domains of corpus linguistics, computational modeling of language, automatic translation, language e-learning/teaching, and language documentation.

Conference themes :

  • Computational modeling of language
  • Computational lexicography
  • Corpus linguistics, corpus lexicography
  • Interdisciplinary projects of digital humanities
  • Linguistic databases

Some members of DIAL4U, coming from Malmö University will attend this conference.

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